ADAMICZKA.BROMA is an architectural and research practice based in Wrocław (Poland) led by Jerzy Adamiczka, Bartosz Adamiczka and Tomasz Broma. Over 30 years of experience on the real estate and design market, effectiveness and successes are the basis and guarantee of the highest quality of our services.  In architecture we seek the distinctive attribute or aspect of a subject (singularity). We treat each creative process as a new event and adventure – reaching for new, diverse and unconventional methods of work. We combine design with workshops, experiments, research, inventive methods, film and animation, 3D printing, VR space, and sometimes also with fun. The singularity found in this way defines further important aspects of a given project. We believe that architecture can be something that positively influences and shapes social relations and can improve people’s living conditions. Our approach has been appreciated and honored with many awards, also in international competitions.



  coworkers 2011-2020 Mateusz Chodorowski, Aleksandra Djorić, Damian Kuna, Justyna Kuźnik, Aleksandra Mrowca, Maciej Pietraszek, Emil Pytlik, Anna Ścibior


Adamiczka Broma